M.N.F.- PROMET d.o.o. is company located on the square of Ivan Meštrović 14, in Zagreb, with a branch office in Pazin, in the street Istarskih Narodnjaka 18. It was founded in 1992, which indicates a long tradition of high-quality service provision to clients through content creating, publishing and marketing. Clients are provided with services like marketing content creation, promotional activities and data analysis. Employers are constantly improving their skills through long-term training and continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills in order to deliver services of high quality. Because of these factors it is easier for end-users to search the companies using different criteria. Originally, the company issued a guidebook named “Privredni vodič” which was printed in the form of a book in 20 different editions and 16 of them were available in electronic form - on a CD, which indicates that our company was always in line with current trends. In accordance with fast development of the Internet, the company created a web site, through collaboration with IT specialists, which is still active and accessible to every single Internet user.

croatian-companies.com (since 1992)

  • online business search engine which enables end users to search companies, services or products on the teritory of Croatia easily and quickly
  • users can search companies by industry, cities and neighborhoods and they can also search for various products in a particular company
  • the search engine's business directory contains information about approximately 55,000 Croatian companies, over 300 industries, 15.000 products and services and around 700 settlements in Croatia
  • on the profile of each company, along with standard contact information such as address info, phone numbers, personal identification number, industry, websites, and email addresses, adress of that company is located on the map so that the users find everything in one place
  • clients or companies, that have profiles on our page, can update their descriptions and upload photos of their products or services with prices
  • our data is updated regularly and the use of our search engine is completely free of charge
  • our website has been redesigned in 2019 and, since then, we provide interesting, informative and educational content to our users through our new category called blog

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