Company AGROMEHANIKA TRGOVINA d.o.o. located in Bjelovar offers the following services: Agricultural machines and equipment, Representations
Agricultural machinery, Representations, Car care
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43000 Bjelovar, HR
Telephone: 043 / 217100
Responsible person: Željko Paranos
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Foundation year: 1974

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This is a company founded almost fifty years ago, and is mainly engaged in representation of the production program of the Slovenian company Agromehanika Kranj . In addition , here are the partnerships with companies Unikomerc import and gimbals Cerjak . From the production program should emphasize crop sprayers capacity from 80 to 3000 liters , atomizer for orchards and vineyards, 100-1500 liters , manure spreader capacity of 400 and 500 kilograms , utility spreaders and standard and utility tractors ranging from 30 to 50 horsepower . We offer companies Agromehanika Trade Ltd. and agricultural machinery manufacturers Sip , Creina , Vicon , Olt , Gramip , VITREX , Krpan , Agrex , Zanon , Gaspardo , Maschio and corresponding spare parts . The offer applies to spare parts for tractors Ferguson , Zetor , Ursus and the equipment for cattle breeding , viticulture and horticulture, agricultural tools , car cosmetics and supplies .

Contact and location (AGROMEHANIKA TRGOVINA d.o.o.)

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