Company DRVOPLAST, VL. ADOLF ČER located in Bjelovar offers the following services: Roller blinds, Joinery, Doors and Windows
Joinery, locksmith, Curtains, blinds and shutters
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43000 Bjelovar, HR
Telephone: 043 / 234568
Cell phone: 098 / 564019
Website: ,
Responsible person: Adolf Čer
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Foundation year: 2003
Employees: 8

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About us

The Company DRVOPLAST, VL. ADOLF began the EVENING with the work in the year 2000, now employs 10 workers and operates on the territory of the whole country. The production program of the company DRVOPLAST, VL. ADOLF the EVENING consists of a pvc joinery, blinds and shutters, sliding rock, winter gardens, the closing of the Loggia to the elements of the six-Chamber pvc profiles and high-quality thermal glass Windows and garage doors made to measure. Suppliers are a renowned company: Alphacan, Schachermayer, VBH, Sigenia, glass Commerce.
Products/services: Aluminum doors and Windows, Aluminum joinery, ALUTECH CUSTOM GARAGE DOORS, Automatic garage doors, Automation for gates, Canopies, Close a loggia, Folding shutters, Garage doors, Louvres, PVC joinery, Security doors and fittings, Sliding doors, The door, Windows, Winter gardens

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