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A.Z. SERVIS j.d.o.o.

Contact info

SJEVERNA ULICA 4, 52420 Buzet

Cell phone: 098 / 255344, 098 / 434459, 098 / 9801909


Other info

Foundation year: 2013

OIB: 36818178679

Employees: 8


Cleaning, Service activities

About us

A.Z. SERVIS j.d.o.o. for business Cleaning


Carpet cleaning | Cleaning commercial spaces | CLEANING OF THE APARTMENT | Cleaning the inside of the car | CLEANING UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE | Deep cleaning carpet | POOL MAINTENANCE | Washing and ironing of hotel linen | Washing of carpets and furniture | WASHING, DRYING, IRONING, LAUNDRY FACILITIES RESTAURANT
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 2
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 3
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 4
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 5
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 6
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 7
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 8
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 9
A.z. servis j.d.o.o. 10

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