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Contact info

DRAŽICE 136, 51218 Dražice

Telephone: 051 / 296033

Fax: 051 / 502544


Other info

Employees: 7

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 7:00 - 20:00
Sub : 7:30 - 15:00


Pharmacies, Cosmetics - production, sales, service, Orthopedic - production, trade

About us

PHARMACY MILANKA IVANDIĆ mr.pharm., As they say, their mission is to advance the culture of health and consciousness users of products that improve the quality of life. Here you can find drugs, dietary supplements, essential oils and therapeutic products, shoes / Baldo, Ortostep, Medi Walk, Kopitarna) and cosmetics (Vichy, Avene, Eucerin, Nuxe, L'Erbolario). Of course, the pharmacies Dražice can be bought and mineral and vitamin supplements reputable manufacturers (Natural Wealth, Encian, Calfit, Solgar, Twinlab). New releases are ORTOPEDIX cartridges, which are made to measure (fingerprints are taken by us in the pharmacy, and the delivery is done at your home address). We also have new LEON slippers / clogs (orthopedic footwear) and also Futte summer orthopedic footwear. At least three times a month in our pharmacies are held promotion of various manufacturers (Rabenhorst organic juices, Silverex, Dea Flores Ortopedix). Pharmacy is part ADIVA loyalty programs (loyalty program "Faithful health" patients you to purchase in pharmacies ADIVA collect points which can then be exchanged for gift-products from the prize catalog loyalty program or discounts on certain medical services partners ADIVA loyalty program).


Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 2
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 3
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 4
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 5
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 6
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 7
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 8
Ljekarna milanka ivandić mr.pharm. 9


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