M-90 from Duga Resa is a munitions factory, is engaged in the breeding of wild animals, the Organization of hunting, making hunting economic objects
Weapons, ammunition, Hunting - equipment, game care, Restaurants
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47250 Duga Resa, HR
Telephone: 047 / 844625
Cell phone: 091 / 4704712
Fax: 047 / 844626
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Responsible person: Alexander Tuček
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Foundation year: 1994
OIB: 94228523865
Employees: 6

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Pon - Pet : 7:00 - 15:00
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Average rating:  4,67 / 5 (Ratings number: 6)

About us

The M-90 ammunition factory in Croatia was founded in Ozalj in 1990, and today it is headquarter, plant and store located in Duga Resa near Karlovac. Production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and control devices. The entire production pro- cess is monitored and controlled by computer. The M-90 works closely with the largest French-Italian manufacturer of firearm components, the Cheddite company from Livorno. We use the best European- materials for making ammunition. Today, the M-90 is a mod- ern and prospective factory that meets all the demands of hunters and shooters for quality ammo. The founder and owner of the company M-90, Željko Vušir was an active hunter, shooter and ballistic expert, and his extensive theoreti- cal knowledge was literally checked on a daily basis at the M-90 Examination Laboratory, hunting ground.
Products/services: Ammo, Sports ammunition for shotguns, buckshot ammunition, Hunting tourism, Local specialties, dishes under the baking lid, FISH SPECIALTIES, game breeding Nature, Grilled dishes, Hunting ammunition for shotguns, MAKING HUNTING economic FACILITIES, MEAT DISHES, ORGANIZATION OF CELEBRATIONS, ORGANIZATION OF HUNTING


Restoran M-90 nudi Vam ukusnu domaću hranu, razne mesne specijalitete, roštilj na drveni ugljen, organizacija raznih svečanosti u sklopu restorana.
ZAGREBAČKA 17 B, 47000 Karlovac
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