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Contact info

ZAGREBAČKA 26, 53000 Gospić

Telephone: 053 / 560688

Cell phone: 098 / 245022

Fax: 053 / 574104


Other info

Foundation year: 2010

OIB: 12683624880

Employees: 48


Construction work - all kinds, Construction machinery

About us

A company from Gospic GS – gradnja, long has for many years operated under a different name. Great experience and constant growth of the machinery and the number of employees, are proof of how this construction company gospićka the right choice. The company owns a certificate of the Ministry of environmental protection, physical planning and construction, and has participated on many challenging projects. Services offered by GS – gradnja relate to the Gi group of buildings, the H, and on the H12 electric-installation and put the work. So in the sphere of electrical installation and communication the company acted as the contractor and installation cables, installing the equipment at the plant together with supporting systems, and ancillary devices, installations and the corresponding parts of the electro-technical and communications equipment. GS – gradnja of the high speed of work, by simply performing the work, performing jobs under the protected objects and areas, traffic nesmetanje, special prijevozima, and Swan tail they want low prices.


Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 2
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 3
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 4
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 5
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 6
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 7
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 8
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 9
Gs-gradnja d.o.o. 10

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