ISA d.o.o.

ISA from Jurdani for sales material, tools and machinery for the production of useful, decorative and unique ceramics
Trade and services
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51213 Jurdani
Cell phone: 098 / 410875
Fax: 051 / 275892
Other info
Foundation year: 1990
OIB: 00365768166
Employees: 2

Working hours

About us

The company ISA Ltd. is located near the city of Rijeka , and as its core business producing states of the use of ceramics and the sale of tools , materials and machinery for the production of ceramics . Of course , ISA Ltd. operates in the field of training in the use of these ceramic supplies , and as an organizer of technological courses . The company was founded more than twenty years , and is the first in Croatia presented the ancient ways of making art pottery ( Japanese raku , Etruscan Bucher , vilanovijanska techniques ignition ceramics , etc . ) . All the materials offer superior quality and known origin , and are in full compliance with all international and European standards ceramic profession .
Products/services: A FURNACE, MACHINES AND TOOLS FOR THE PROCESSING OF CERAMICS , Clay colored , CLAY FOR CERAMICS , CLAY FOR CASTING , CLAY FOR THE RAKU TECHNIQUE , CLAY IN COLOR WITHOUT IGNITION , COLORS FOR PAINTING CERAMIC HIGH TEMPERATURE , COLORS FOR PAINTING PORCELAIN, CERAMICS AND GLASS , Engobe Hobby Colorobbia , Glaze for Raku technique , Glazes for high temperatures , GLAZES IN POWDER AND PREPARED FOR APPLYING , MATERIALS FOR CERAMICS PRODUCTION , Paints and glazes in powder , Podglazurne decorative paint , Podglazurne paints and pencils , SEALANTS, PLASTER AND MATERIALS FOR MAKING MOLDS , The colors for the third ignition , the current colors and glazes , Transparent and covering liquid glazes

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