GEOBLAST d.o.o. company from Karlovac deals with drilling, blasting and demolition of buildings
Drilling and blasting, architectural design, Geotechnical work
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47000 Karlovac, HR
Fax: 047 / 655505
Responsible person: Hrvoje Tuškan
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Other info
Foundation year: 2016
OIB: 07585804217
Employees: 5

Working hours

Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 17:00
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About us

GEOBLAST d.o.o. is a company from Karlovac. Primarily engaged in drilling, blasting and demolition works. Our experience ranges from basic production blasting in quarrying, special blasting on various types of excavations, underwater blasting and demolition of objects by blasting.
Products/services: Blasting, BLASTING IN QUARRIES AND CONSTRUCTION LINES, BLASTING UNDER WATER, crushing and sifting of the stone material , Drilling, Explosives, Explosives for demolition works, Measure the seismic effects when blasting, Rock drilling, SPECIAL BLASTING

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