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Contact info

PILATI 86 B, 52423 Karojba

Telephone: 052 / 683200

Fax: 052 / 683496


Other info

Foundation year: 1991

OIB: 50726838773

Employees: 50

Card payment: American, Diners, Visa, Mastercard


TRG ANDREA ANTICO 7, 52424 Motovun


Telephone: 052 / 681607

Fax: 052 / 681652


Hotels, hostels, motels, Restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, Construction work - all kinds

About us

HOTEL KAŠTEL is located at the very top of the Hill on which the medieval town of Motovun. The hotel is located in the Palace of Pollesini from the 17th century. the century, which is one of the tallest buildings in a central city square, Motovun and distinctive part of the total views of the city. HOTEL KAŠTEL is a family hotel in the warm and homely atmosphere of interwoven traditions, a pleasant atmosphere and comfort. In its 33 accommodation hotel hosts up to 70 people, and almost with every window offers an amazing view of the town square, the streets, the landscape of Central Istria, the Valley of the river Mirna and famous Motovun vineyards which gives a feeling of complete relaxation of waking up to go to sleep.


Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 2
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 3
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 4
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 5
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 6
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 7
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 8
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 9
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 10
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 11
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 12
Gip d.o.o. hotel kaštel 13

Contact GIP d.o.o. HOTEL KAŠTEL

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