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RIBA DRAŽIN j.d.o.o.

Contact info

BISKUPA FRANE FRANIĆA 78, 21214 Kaštel Kambelovac

Telephone: 021 / 220329

Cell phone: 092 / 1028065


Other info

Foundation year: 2013

OIB: 21941541637

Responsible person: Živko Dražin


Food products - production, sales

About us

Riba Dražin the company for processing fish from Kastel Kambelovac , near Split . A lot of experience and knowledge on fisheries have enabled this company to produce superior products that fall within the rank of delicacies . Quality features of the creator of the Dalmatian fish delights are the traditional preparation and only high quality local raw materials mostly , this special range of products of which the most prominent red peppers stuffed with anchovy fillets called Pepefiš . Fish Drazin act as wholesale and retail trade , and according to the wishes of customers your products delivered and in restaurants . The offer is still there and salty homemade anchovies , salted anchovies , marinated anchovies , marinated fillets USAT , marinated tuna , motar , seaweed , marinated shrimp and dried tomatoes .


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