V.R. POLJAK d.o.o.

V.R. POLJAK d.o.o. is company from Krapina with businesses Bookkeeping and accounting services, Business consulting
Accounting services, Business consulting
Contact info
49000 Krapina
Cell phone: 091 / 7904213
Telephone: 049 / 373706
Fax: 049 / 370123
Website: www.vr-poljak.hr
Working hours
Other info
Foundation year: 2002
OIB: 02594801284
Employees: 6

Working hours

Pon - Pet : 7:00 - 15:00

About us

Since the beginning of the company, when it is their trust donated only a few customers, VR Poljak his professionalism attracted a large number of satisfied customers. VR Poljak your complete bookkeeping and accounting services offers companies, associations, crafts and liberal professions in trade, manufacturing and services. The company are proud of their kindness and flexibility, and confidence, credibility and honesty. Services that VR Poljak offers companies the organization and record-keeping, payroll, keeping account balances, accounts of contributions and membership fees and preparation of financial statements. Crafts and professions can count on the service records of receipts and expenditures, keeping subsidiary ledgers, payroll calculation, calculation of contributions and membership fees, and preparing reports and annual tax return. Citizens here can seek annual income tax returns.
Accounting Accounting of craftsmen Accounting of enterprises accounting of fixed assets and depreciation calculation ACCOUNTING POLISH KRAPINA Accounting Service ACCOUNTING, NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS ANNUAL TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING BOOKKEEPING KRAPINA BOOKKEEPING POLISH KRAPINA CALCULATION OF CONTRIBUTIONS AND MEMBERSHIP Cash operations Financial consulting MANAGEMENT AUXILIARY BOOK management of travel orders, loco driving Payroll PREPARATION OF ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS preparation of books of incoming and outgoing invoices Tax consulting

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