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IBIS 94 d.o.o.

Contact info

DOLIĆE 7 C, DOLIĆE, 49000 Krapina

Telephone: 049 / 370106

Cell phone: 098 / 250175, 098 / 303834

Fax: 049 / 370982

Other info

OIB: 37663572467

Employees: 5


Paper and stationery, graphic services

About us

The company Ibis 94 driver, based in Krapina, in business since 1994. of the year, and offers to its clients high-quality services of production of various paper products such as tapes for cash registers and POS devices, papers for cash machines, parking machines, betting and the like. IBIS 94 driver offers and sale and the production of Thermo reels with print and without print and graphic services.


Contact IBIS 94 d.o.o.

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