Staklorezačka radnja ZGODITAK from Makarska deals with glasswork, glazing, aluminum and PVC windows, picture frames
Glass and glass products, Plastics and plastic products, Metals - processing, recycling, sale, Joinery
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21300 Makarska, HR
Cell phone: 098 / 343834
Tel/Fax: 021 / 690230
Responsible person: Miroslav Budalić, Marija Budalić
Other info
Foundation year: 1994
OIB: 46885473920
Employees: 2

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Average rating:  4,85 / 5 (Ratings number: 13)

About us

ZGODITAK d.o.o. for trade and services, glass, plastic, aluminum, picture frames
Products/services: Coloring glass, CUTTING GLASS, glass, GLASS FOR KITCHEN INTERIORS, Glass industry, GRINDING AND DRILLING GLASS, Insulation glass, Mirrors, OUTLINE PICTURES, Picture frames, Plexiglas, Sandblasting glass, Shower cabins, STAKLARENJE, TEMPERED GLASS, THE GLASS WALLS-PARTITION

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