POLIKLINIKA NADO CENTAR from Osijek, Dionica, with businesses Medical services-physical medicine, Medical services-Acupuncture
Physical therapy, rehabilitation and care, alternative medicine
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31000 Osijek, HR
Area: Dionica
Telephone: 031 / 377477
Responsible person: Bernard Nikšić Nado

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About us

Poliklinika Nado Center at the locations of the Osijek, Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Varaždin and Murter, offers patients, physical therapy, acupuncture, Oberon computer diagnostics, stretching of the spine, Hiro ekstenzomatima laser therapy for the knee, the treatment of adolescent scoliosis. In the offer of Hope's centers and bioresonance Diagnostics and therapy of allergic reaction. The clinic operates and orthopedic counseling, neurosurgical counseling - a second opinion, and physiatry-Rheumatology counseling.

Contact and location (POLIKLINIKA NADO CENTAR)

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