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HIDRANT d.o.o.

Contact info

KORNATSKA 29, 31000 Osijek

Area: Jug II

Tel/Fax: 031 / 564433

Cell phone: 098 / 642421, 098 / 642420, 099 / 3461389, 095 / 8318501


Other info

OIB: 97006161081

Employees: 7

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 7:00 - 15:00


Fire activity , Safety at Work, Fire protection, Gas, gas installations, Plumber

About us

Hidrant the Osijek company founded more than twenty years, and operates in the fields of occupational safety , environmental protection , fire protection , training of workers for safe operation and as a service and dealer firefighting equipment . The company has a fleet of four vehicles and is thus able to perform tasks in the field, but has its own service area . So Hidrant authorized for testing electrical wiring , testing equipment and conditions in the work environment , testing the effectiveness of ventilation , making an evacuation plan , testing stable fire alarm system , fire fighting equipment of the customer equipment , training employees in the field of fire protection , repair of various types of fire extinguishers , training workers for directing an evacuation and rescue , training of workers in a safe manner for jobs with the computer and other


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