PAJCA d.o.o.

PAJCA d.o.o. is company from Pazin with businesses Car parts, Auto services
Car service, Car parts, Car electicity
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52000 Pazin, HR
Telephone: 052 / 688183
Responsible person: Nenad Pajca
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Foundation year: 1990

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About us

PAJCA for trade of car parts and service vehicles. In the business warehouse Center in the industrial zone of Ciburi there is a central repository of parts, AH service and self service car wash service only. Customers have at their disposal more than 400, 000 of the leading manufacturers of auto parts within 24 hours. AH Service is equipped with the most modern devices, Bosch, Tex, Beissbarth, Stenhoj, Ravagioli and well maintained all the vital parts of the engine, transmission and suspension, for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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