Company ALUFLEXPACK NOVI d.o.o. located in Poličnik offers the following services: Plastics & plastic products, Aluminium, Packaging-packaging
Packaging, Metals - processing, recycling, sale, Plastics and plastic products
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23241 Poličnik, HR
Telephone: 023 / 205205
Responsible person: Igor Arbanas
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Foundation year: 2011

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The company ALUFLEXPACK NOVI d.o.o. (AFP) Group's manufacturing companies with a common business goal, a modern manufacturing and high standard of quality. The main business activity of the company is the production of flexible packaging and processing of aluminum foil, paper and flexible films. The company headquarters is in Zadar, the two factories are located in Zadar and Umag, and affiliates, and drives are OMIAL in OMIS, TOF in Drniš, pub with good Polska in Poznań and Tychy. AFP produces a wide assortment of quality products flexible packaging and solutions obtained by the processing of aluminum foil and flexible films in a variety of sizes for the confectionery, dairy, food, food for pets, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. They are used exclusively to the most advanced printing technologies, such as bakrotisak, UV-flexo and flexo-printing. Some of the buyers of the packaging company ALUFLEXPACK NOVI d.o.o. are Kraš, Franck, Podravka, Vindija, Ledo, Agrokor Group, Swims, Coca cola, Nestle, Ferrero, Lactalis Dukat, Meggle, and many others.

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