ELEKTROMETAL d.o.o.Poreč, construction materials BUILDING CENTER VRANIĆI, WOOD CENTER LABINCI laminate, flooring, interior doors and hinges
building material, Wood and wood products, Metal and metal products, Tools - manufacture, sale, Electric material, Interior design, Paints and varnishes, Joinery, Hinges, locks, Hardware store, Parquet
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52440 Poreč
Fax: 052 / 422674
Card payment: American, Diners, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
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Foundation year: 1990
OIB: 72800780139
Employees: 41

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Pon - Pet : 7:30 - 19:00
Sub : 7:30 - 17:00

About us

ELEKTROMETAL d.o. about. has been operating successfully since 1991, and is engaged in the wholesale and retail sales of building materials in the CONSTRUCTION CENTER of VRANICI, and by providing services in the WOOD CENTER LABINCI. In the sales product range they have everything for your home, over 13000 items from the product of a broad application of the specialized products for professional use. The products offered are exclusively high quality leading suppliers in Croatia and abroad. Offer a wide range of products for internal and external surfaces, products for protection of metal, wood, stone and marble, a variety of decorative colors, odstranjivačke stain, mold, etc. Department tools offers products of top quality manufacturers such as BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT and UNIOR. Hardware store offers a wide range of mechanical goods, fittings and wrought iron, and the Department of ferrous metallurgy are steel pipes, profiles, sheets, Rebar, wire meshes and etc on the Department of building materials you can find products of renowned manufacturers such as: WIENERGERGER, YTONG, KNAUF INSULATION, KNAUF, SIKA, SCHIEDEL, TOGNANA, SEMMELROCK and many others.
Black metallurgy Brass profiles BST GRILLS Cement Chimney Chipboard chipboard panels COLORS FOR CONCRETE COLORS FOR WOOD COOKER HOOD Cutting and kantiranje decking Door handles Drills Dry construction ELECTRICAL FITTING Fert flowerbeds Fittings for Windows and doors FLOORING Furniture hardware Garden furniture GARDEN FURNITURE Garden program Garden tools Gas springs Glue Glues and varnishes for parquet Grills Grout Hand tools Insulating materials Internal doors Knauf Laminate flooring Lawn mowers Lime Metallurgy Noon Baseboard noon, wall and ceiling coverings PAINTS AND COATINGS FOR METALS PAINTS AND WATER-BASED COATINGS PANEL BOARDS Parquets Pipes PIPES AND FITTINGS FOR HOME SEWERS PIPES FROM STEEL CORRUGATED SHEET-STEEL TUBE-STEEL SPIRAL PIPE piping systems Plaster Plaster and plaster products Plastic pipes Polycarbonate panels Power tools Profiles for ceramic and parquet PROFILES FOR DIVIDING WALLS AND LOWERED CEILINGS Profiles for the underlying plaster and drywall Roof equipment Roof Windows Sawn timber Sealants SEMMELROCK ASTI PANELS Silicone sealants Sinks and faucets Stair railing Steel tube Styrofoam Tap water Terracotta THE COLORS FOR THE WALLS The door The fence The locks THE VELUX ROMAN BLINDS Tile Timber TOOLS FOR decorator Tools for woodworking VARNISHES FOR WOOD WALL AND CEILING PAINT Waterproofing Windows Wire meshes Wood panels Wooden elements Wooden houses Worktops Wrought iron fences


DRVNI CENTAR U INDUSTRIJSKOJ ZONI LABINCI nudi da izaberete između široke palete proizvoda od laminata, parketa, brodskog poda, iverala, kuhinjskih radnih ploča, pa sve do sitnih detalja, kvaka, ukrasnog okova, špina, napa....
052 / 455520

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