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Cijena: 5.800,00 - 24.999,00 HRK / 769,79 - 3.317,94 EUR kn
(PDV uključen)
Products/services: Automatic balancing with dual LED screen, Automatic tyre mounting for up to 24 ", Automatic tyre mounting up to 26 "with two mounting speeds, Automatic wheel balancing, Automatic wheel balancing with LCD display and laser, AUTOMATSKA BALANSIRKA KOTAČA V555.2.G4.A, Balancing trucks for freight vehicles, Built-in Scislar crane, 3.5 t, Four-point parking crane carrying capacity 3.6 t, Manual balancing Wheel, Mobile Scislar Crane, Scislar Crane for Wheel optics, 5.5 t, Semi-automatic tire mounting for up to 22 ", Semi-automatic tire mounting for up to 24 ", Threading Scislar Crane, 3 T, 230/400V, TOOLS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, BALANCING, Car jacks, car service equipment, Crane for motorcycles, 700 kg, Devices for sandblasting, Electro-hydraulic double pillar crane with electromechanical safety system, 4 t, ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC DOUBLE POLE CRANE WITH LOAD CAPACITY 6 T, Equipment for service workshops, FLOOR CRANES, Furniture for service station, Hydraulic body repair kit, LINCOS TOOLS, MONTIRKE FOR FREIGHT PROGRAM, PNEUMATIC GUN, Pneumatic tools, RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS, Tire repair equipment, Top Tools - A wide selection of special and hoby tools and auto service and vulcanizer equipment., Two-column electro-hydraulic crane with upper connection, 4 t

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