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FILRAD d.o.o.

Contact info


Telephone: 052 / 535331

Cell phone: 098 / 435957, 098 / 435937


Other info

OIB: 63145614193

Employees: 16


Construction work, Swimming pools - production, trade, installation, architectural design, Horticulture, Facades, plaster, insulation

About us

This is a construction company from Pula, was founded more than twenty years, and conducted extensive experience company owner Slavko Fileš, worth responding to various construction challenges. FILRAD Ltd. the company is ready to perform facilities over 400 square meters, which owns the license and the right equipment.


Filrad d.o.o. 2
Filrad d.o.o. 3
Filrad d.o.o. 4
Filrad d.o.o. 5
Filrad d.o.o. 6
Filrad d.o.o. 7
Filrad d.o.o. 8
Filrad d.o.o. 9
Filrad d.o.o. 10
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Filrad d.o.o. 13

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