FILRAD d.o.o.

The company FILRAD Pula, excellent construction services for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential projects.
Construction work, Swimming pools - production, trade, installation, architectural design, Horticulture, Facades, plaster, insulation
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52100 Pula, HR
Responsible person: Slavko Fileš
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OIB: 63145614193
Employees: 16

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Average rating:  4,75 / 5 (Ratings number: 8)

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FILRAD d.o.o. owns equipment and licenses for the construction of structures larger than 400 m2, so that in the market with our own strength we can also build facilities of 1000 m2 – including the area of ??building construction. With our perennial subcontractors, we are able to build and offer to the market fully constructed ?facilities.
Products/services: ADAPTATIONS OF RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL SPACE, Building construction, Civil engineering, concrete swimming pools, CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF SWIMMING POOLS, Construction in turnkey system, construction of apartments, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, Earthworks, Energy certification of buildings, facade works, Hortikulturna planning, Landscaping, Pargeting, Roofing works, Supervision in construction, Swimming pools, The paving of the courtyard, the reconstruction of old buildings

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