EL ROY Pula, technical consulting, project planning, performance, monitoring, and maintenance of power plants and electrical installation.
Power devices and systems, Electrical installations, architectural design, Construction work
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52100 Pula, HR
Telephone: 052 / 211516
Cell phone: 098 / 1668393
Responsible person: Letizia Rojnić Poldrugovac
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OIB: 99008275231

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Average rating:  4,85 / 5 (Ratings number: 13)

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The company EL ROY provides high-quality service of technical consulting, design, construction, monitoring and maintenance of power plants and electrical installation.
Products/services: design and supervision in the field of electrical engineering, design and supervision of electrical installations, DESIGN AND SUPERVISION OF POWER PLANT, DESIGN ELECTRIC POWER OBJECTS, DESIGN OF POWER PLANT, Electrical services, Luminaires, PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION OF ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS, Technical consulting, Wiring


STUDENČEVA 41, 52100 Pula

Contact and location (EL ROY d.o.o.)

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