MARANA Pula for the design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of the pool, massage baths, fountains, irrigation
Swimming pools - production, trade, installation, Boats, Water - purification equipment, distribution, architectural design
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52100 Pula, HR
Telephone: 052 / 216716
Cell phone: 098 / 212492
Tel/Fax: 052 / 216411
Responsible person: Aleksandar Gorički
Other info
Foundation year: 1992
OIB: 89291916908
Employees: 19

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Average rating:  4,78 / 5 (Ratings number: 9)

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MARANA Pula for the design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of the pool
Products/services: Biological wastewater purifiers, Chemical treatment of water, concrete swimming pools, CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF SWIMMING POOLS, DESIGN OF MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS, INSTALLATION OF POOLS AND POOL EQUIPMENT, Irrigation, Luminaires, Massage baths, POOL MAINTENANCE, POOL TECHNIQUE AND EQUIPMENT, UNIQUE SWIMMING POOLS, WHIRLPOOLS AND MASSAGE BATHS., PP POOLS, prefabricated swimming pools, Sailing boats, Separators of oils and fats, storage tanks for oil products, Swimming pools, Tanks, TANKS FOR DRINKING, STABLE OR SERVICE WATER, Tanks for oil, Tanks for wine, The fountain, Treatment of water, Water purification, WATER TANKS

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