HARREITHER d.o.o. iz Rijeke, Martinkovac, offers various home-heating and cooling products that are the result of their own research work
Heating, Cooling devices, Air conditioning and ventilation, Solar energy
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51000 Rijeka, HR
Area: Brašćine
Telephone: 051 / 628686
Responsible person: Sanja Dragoslavić, Tihomir Dragoslavić
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Foundation year: 2003
OIB: 05552837801
Employees: 5

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Average rating:  4,43 / 5 (Ratings number: 7)

About us

Unique solutions require extensive research and development work. With its European patent for Euroval® underfloor heating, HARREITHER has been breaking technological ground from the moment the company was first established. This search for new solutions not only provided the original impetus for HARREITHER, but also remains a goal pursued by the company to this day. This is how the company has a staggering 38 brands and patents to its name, and creates cutting-edge solutions that set new standards in the technological field.
Products/services: Air conditioning supply houses, Air Star heat pump, Ceiling and wall heating, Combi Star heat tank, Euroval underfloor heating, Heating systems, Hitherm Compact, Hitherm Klimawand, Installation of cooling buildings, Installation of heating, Manifolds of heat, Modular climate Chamber, Multi Star heat storage, Renewable energy sources, Smart Home, Solar collectors, Solar Star, The module ceiling air, The module floor air, The oval heating separator, Under floor heating, Universum household management

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