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Products/services: AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY, Allergologic testing and consulting, Botox treatments, Dermatology, Dermatoscopy , Fotorejuvenation face, neck and chest, HIJALURONOM TREATMENTS, HYALURONAN FILLERS, IPL permanent hair removal, Laser depilation, LASER HAIR REMOVAL, Laser removal of capillaries, Laser removal of Facial redness (rosacea), Laser removal of moles, laser skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, cleavage, LASER TREATMENTS, Laser wrinkle removal, review of mole and other scars on the skin, therapy for excessive sweating Botox, Venereology

Contact and location PRIVATNA SPECIJALISTIČKA ORDINACIJA ZA DERMATOLOGIJU I VENEROLOGIJU mr.sc. TEO MANESTAR BLAŽIĆ dr.med., spec. dermatologije i venerologije


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