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A.N.A.B.A.R.-TOURS d.o.o. Putnička agencija Anabar tours

Contact info

ZAMETSKA 12/1, 51000 Rijeka

Area: Krnjevo

Telephone: 051 / 644504, 051 / 648238, 051 / 643187

Tel/Fax: 051 / 644508

Cell phone: 095 / 9117521


Other info

Foundation year: 1997

OIB: 58280082390

Employees: 2

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00


Tourism, Tourist agency

About us

A.N.A.B.A.R. TOURS travel agency was founded in 1997 as an intermediary and organizer of the trip. The main activity of the Agency is the Organization and implementation of tourist packages and day excursions. The Agency offers affordable rent of tourist buses, the vacation, holidays packages, prom travel, excursions, visits to exhibitions, concerts and exhibitions.


Contact A.N.A.B.A.R.-TOURS d.o.o. Putnička agencija Anabar tours

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