PROJON d.o.o.

PROJON Ltd. from Rijeka, Zamet, professional cleaning and maintenance of floor coverings
Cleaning, Stone production, processing, Service activities
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51000 Rijeka, HR
Area: Zamet
Cell phone: 098 / 559132
Website: ,
Responsible person: Vedran Petrovski, Mihaela Petrovski
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OIB: 22615323129
Employees: 6

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Average rating:  4,67 / 5 (Ratings number: 6)

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PROJON Ltd. from Rijeka, professional cleaning and maintenance of floor coverings
Products/services: Carpet cleaning, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF FLOOR COVERINGS, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF THE STONE, Cleaning and protection of surfaces of graphite, Cleaning of facades and buildings, Cleaning of floor coverings and stone surfaces, CLEANING OF STONE FLOORS, cleaning of ventilation systems, CLEANING UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE, Deep cleaning carpet, degreasing and washing floors, Final cleaning in the construction industry, grinding and polishing of floors, Grinding stone, Sandblasting stone, ŠTOKANJE STONE, TERACCO FLOORING, THE ROOF TILE CLEANING AND IMPREGNATION

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