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Contact info

PILEPIĆI 17, 51000 Rijeka

Area: Zamet

Cell phone: 091 / 5087502

Other info

OIB: 24161675498

Employees: 7

Responsible person: Željko Đeri


Construction work - all kinds, Concrete, concrete construction, Stone, gravel and sand - extraction, transportation

About us

Građevinski obrt IDM gradnja deals with the setting up of wall, floor coverings and ceramic tiles. Production of stone and granite stairs, tiled courtyards and setting in concrete.

The quality of the performance of certain works, a selection of the finest materials and the satisfaction of our clients are our goals which we strive for from the beginning of the business.

The work we perform in the area of the river and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia, Istria, and if necessary, beyond. The construction of objects up to 400 m2.

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