Agroturizam MOFARDIN from Rovinj offers accommodation in the rooms Mofardin a wide selection of Istrian specialties in Tavern Mofardin
Restaurants, rural tourism
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52210 Rovinj (Rovigno), HR
Cell phone: 098 / 411917
Tel/Fax: 052 / 829044
Responsible person: Roberto Mofardin
Other info
Foundation year: 2003
Employees: 10

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Average rating:  4,8 / 5 (Ratings number: 5)

About us

"NO STRESS“ - is the moto of the Mofardin’s house and is what one is greeted with by the tranquil countryside that surrounds the ancient stone house where Luisa and Roberto live, just a few steps away from the sea. The trattoria Mofardin serves typical Istrian food such as lamb, kid and roast sucking pig cooked in the large wood-fired oven and under the traditional ”peka”. But equally inviting are the typical Istrian cured ham and sheep’s milk cheese, the homemade pasta and gnocchi with chicken or tomato sauce, the soups,the vegetables and, of course, the fish freshly landed by the fisherman of Rovinj.
Products/services: Agrotourism, DISH homemade pasta, dishes under the baking lid, FISH SPECIALTIES, Grilled dishes, ISTRIAN CUISINE, MEAT DISHES, Rent room, Roasted lamb dishes, Tavern

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