TEHNIČAR MALOPRODAJA d.o.o. Zlatarnice Tehničar Split

TEHNIČAR MALOPRODAJA Ltd. Split, in their jewelry shops Tehničar offers a large selection of jewelry made of gold, silver, steel and coral
Jewelers, Retail
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21000 Split, HR
Area: Manuš
Tel/Fax: 021 / 343399
Responsible person: Mladen Labrović, Marko Labrović

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About us

A company TEHNIČAR MALOPRODAJA d.o.o./strong> was founded in 1947 when it is open to retail, but soon after moving and production of jewellery for their own purposes, and the wholesale business. In the assortment of the company there is a great selection of jewelry from our own production and imports, of silver and gold top fineness. Silver jewelry exclusively from the silver fineness 925, and gold from 14-carat gold 585 marks.

Contact and location (TEHNIČAR MALOPRODAJA d.o.o. Zlatarnice Tehničar Split)

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