BENT d.o.o. is company from Split, Pazdigrad with businesses Pool technique
Swimming pools - production, trade, installation
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21000 Split, HR
Area: Pazdigrad
Tel/Fax: 021 / 316816
Responsible person: Stipe Cikojević

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Bent d.o.o. for the construction, equipping and maintenance of all types of swimming pools. The company was founded in 2007, and in a short time become one of the leading companies in the construction of swimming pools. Collaborating with several reputable construction companies during the construction of swimming pools, and with it, and with a couple of engineering companies that are building the complete projects and project documentation for the same. In addition, the company   collaborates with   many European companies as far as the pool equipment,  , such as filters, Circulator pumps, LED lighting, extra equipment such as hydromassage, protstrujna swimming, geysers etc, complete chemical treatments of water, treatment of water without the use of any chemicals, automatic robots, complete programs mosaic tile for lining pools, boundary stone, etc. In addition to the construction of concrete pools in the offer have, great choice of prefabricated swimming pools and   polyester swimming pools lined with ceramics with guarantee of 20 years, whirlpools, sauna and Turkish bath.

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