Company PERVISUS d.o.o. from Strmec Samoborski, Trnje deals with Geodetic services
Geodetic services - services, equipment
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10434 Strmec Samoborski, HR
Telephone: 01 / 4658229
Responsible person: Ivica Tušinec
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OIB: 44353834669

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The company PERVISUS Ltd. is engaged in providing surveying services for the surveying investors, and construction and other companies with business cooperation with lawyers, architects and construction experts. According to the decision of the State Geodetic Administration company PERVISUS Ltd. has the authority for making the parceling and other land cadastre studies, parceling and other real estate cadastre studies, cadastre and technical updating of this cadastre, special surveying for regional planning and development planning, surveying projects, studies on staking out the building and control of geodetic measurements in construction and building maintenance. The company is engaged in staking all types of buildings, creating elaborate kubatura excavation and embankment in the construction works, as well as monitoring of height and positional shift objects in the construction.

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