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HLB REVIDICON d.o.o. za reviziju, računovodstveno i porezno savjetovanje

Contact info

ANKICE OPOLSKI 2, 42000 Varaždin

Telephone: 042 / 214897, 042 / 211181

Cell phone: 098 / 9842801

Other info

Registration number: 0291749

OIB: 41748200389

Employees: 10

Responsible person: Stjepan Šargač


Revision, Accounting services, tax consulting

About us

The company HLB REVIDICON driver was founded in 1993. year as a company to provide services of auditing, accounting and tax consulting services, and other services in accordance with the law on auditing. The company owns the authorization for the operation of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, and is a member of the Croatian Chamber of audit.
HLB REVIDICON driver a professional and dynamic is the audit company fully oriented towards the market. The services that the company provides are audit, financial and tax due diligence, valuations and investment analysis, forensic audits, compilations, insight into the business, internal control and internal audit, accounting and tax advisory, financial advisory, deals in debt-vjerovničkim disputes, and audit of projects financed from EU funds.

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