Company BAZENI I SAUNE d.o.o. located in Vukovina offers the following services: Pool technique
Swimming pools - production, trade, installation
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10419 Vukovina, HR
Telephone: 01 / 6236302
Cell phone: 091 / 6006333
Fax: 01 / 6236028
Responsible person: Husein Šabanagić
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Foundation year: 2005
OIB: 93191336998
Employees: 4

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Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00
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Average rating:  4,67 / 5 (Ratings number: 6)

About us

This is a company specializing in the design, construction , installation and maintenance of the pool and sauna . A lot of experience and a wide range of services , as well as numerous references , proof of the quality of the company BAZENI I SAUNE d.o.o. from Velika Gorica .
Products/services: Assembly and manufacture of Finnish sauna, infrared cabin and steam bath, concrete swimming pools, CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF SWIMMING POOLS, Equipping wellness and spa, FABRICATION AND INSTALLATION OF FINNISH AND INFRA SAUNA, HYDRO-MASSAGE POOLS, INSTALLATION OF POOLS AND POOL EQUIPMENT, installation of the pool foil , LIGHTING AND EQUIPMENT POOL, maintenance of swimming pools, fountains and artificial lakes, montage of fountain, montage of hot tubs, pools, mounting device for dehumidification and air conditioning swimming pool space, POLYESTER SWIMMING POOLS, POOL DOMES, POOL MAINTENANCE, prefabricated swimming pools, preparation and disinfection of swimming pool water (automatic dosing and control), rehabilitation of the old pool, Sauna, shallow water tank insulation, Steam bath, SWIMMING POOL COVER, Swimming pools, the construction of the artificial (reservoirs of) Lake (PVC foil), the waterproofing of the pool and flat roofs, Wellness equipment


10000 Zagreb
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