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Contact info

GAJEVA 37/I, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Centar

Telephone: 01 / 4921111

Tel/Fax: 01 / 4921112

Cell phone: 091 / 5147194, 098 / 228820, 099 / 2288222


Other info

Foundation year: 1988

Working hours: Pon - Ned : 0:00 - 24:00


funeral services

About us

POGREBNIK, VL. IVAN JURKOVIĆ company has for the Organization of funeral service founded in 1981. of the year. Through many years of experience and a successful business the company has acquired many service users, and because of the outstanding business responsibility and reputation working closely with various embassies, the embassies and families of the deceased from other countries. POGREBNIK, VL. IVAN JURKOVIĆ provides the complete organization of the funeral from the moment of death to the funeral: the transport of the deceased, the organizing bodies of the term and the burial, the notification of the death of the daily newspaper, the service making the obituaries, getting a new grave sites, services and cremation of bodies, the exhumation of human remains, a complete funeral outfit, dress up and editing of the deceased, brass band, choir, soloist, harp, trumpet solo, photography and video recording of the funeral, and floral arrangements , wreaths and candlesticks.
Organization of the funeral and commemoration for the deceased is adjusted according to the request of the relatives of the deceased, and in accordance with the religious and cultural customs and the last wishes of the deceased.



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