Company FORMULA 3 d.o.o. from Zagreb, Črnomerec, bookkeeping and accounting services
Accounting services
Contact info
10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Črnomerec
Telephone: 01 / 3779266
Cell phone: 098 / 9552701
Responsible person: Blaženko Brkić
Other info
Foundation year: 1990
OIB: 56652176728
Employees: 1

Working hours

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Average rating:  5 / 5 (Ratings number: 3)

About us

FORMULA 3 d.o.o. bookkeeping and accounting services
Products/services: Accounting, Accounting consulting, Accounting of craftsmen, Accounting of enterprises, Accounting Service, ACCOUNTING, NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, BOOKKEEPING, CALCULATION OF CONTRIBUTIONS AND MEMBERSHIP, Payroll, PREPARATION OF ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS, preparation of books of incoming and outgoing invoices, Tax consulting

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