AL-KOR-EL d.o.o.

Al-COR-EL from Zagreb, protection against corrosion and leakage currents by method of cathodic protection, sales and equipment, communication cabinets
Electric material, Electrical installations, Electronics
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Dugave
Telephone: 01 / 6604666
Responsible person: Zlatko Dvoržak

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Al - cor - el - the core business of the corrosion protection and stray current through proven methods of cathodic protection that extends the life of the installation . In addition , the company deals and special grounding in hostile environments and installations of low and high voltage . Shopping section refers to the range of enclosures , electrical materials , saw, splitter Telecommunications examiners wiring , tools , networks , heating cables and wire cable tray , panels and films for electric heating of various types of indoor and outdoor facilities and for anti-icing roofs , pipes and drip edge . This company was founded in 1992 daily extending its range to meet its customers , which is the main guiding principle of our business . Al - cor - el is the owner of the certificate ISO 9001: 2008 which guarantees a high quality business .

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AL-KOR-EL d.o.o.

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