CENTAR ZA ZAŠTITU NA RADU d.o.o. Zagreb, Folnegovićevo, company has specialized in the activities in the sector of safety at work and fire protection
Safety at Work, Fire protection, Education
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Folnegovićevo
Tel/Fax: 01 / 7794239
Responsible person: Ivan Krmek

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Centre for the protection of the work of the company is specialized in the activities in the sector of occupational safety and fire protection. The services that the company offers are previously and periodic testing of machines, installations and devices, testing the parameters of the working environment, the osposobljavanej workers for safe operation and to take preventive measures, development of risk assessment for jobs and the development of plans for rescue and evacuation. A team of Experts consists of experienced professionals who have many years of experience, but also of young people. In addition, the Centre for the protection at work offers and services of coordination in the construction industry. The company has offices in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and their objective is, as they say, competitive prices to achieve the protection and safety in the workplace.

Contact and location (CENTAR ZA ZAŠTITU NA RADU d.o.o.)

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