Company MARK-PROM d.o.o. from Zagreb, Jankomir deals with Wholesale, Internal and external trade
External and internal trade, Wholesale
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Jankomir
Telephone: 01 / 4833333
Responsible person: Marko Žužej

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Since its foundation in 1991. year we create a varied range of products to promote companies, products and services. Today the us is characterized by a high level of integrated services that we offer: from proposals to the conceptual design of the logo for the application or create a new product. We specialize in gift personalization: buffer-Print-print, sieve, embroidery, engraving and logo application improved design method of etching. Large stocks enable us prompt delivery. We're the only company in Croatia that makes adhesive blocks of different sizes and shapes with the printing of your logo. It is possible to order the blocks in its cover as well as various combinations of blocks and page marker.

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MARK-PROM d.o.o.

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