MC FRONTIS from Zagreb, Jankomir, is engaged in the design, development and maintenance of databases and programs
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Jankomir
Telephone: 01 / 3694168
Fax: 01 / 3694159
Responsible person: Vitomir Cvitanović
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Foundation year: 1999
OIB: 55165857934
Employees: 2

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Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00
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Average rating:  4,71 / 5 (Ratings number: 7)

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MC FRONTIS from Zagreb, is engaged in the design, development and maintenance of databases and programs
Products/services: Invoicing software package for invoicing for small, medium and large users, Software, the software package CaffeRest-special version of the PC register to use in the Cafe's, or restaurants, the software package Exact Globe 2000, the software package HP 2000-an integrated accounting system, the software package is paid-calculation of the salary, the software package KadEv – Records of employees , the software package POK-book revenues and expenditures, and the book of traffic, the software package pos-pc cash register, the software package Records-specialized software package for tracking and recording manufacturers of wine, the software package Tracking of the bearers of the cost, the software package UrZap-for registration of incoming documents, the software package vFIN 2000-Accounting System, the software package vMAT 2000-Storage the material information system, the software package vMatNar-module for the ordering of goods, the software package vMIS 2000-Medical information system


TRNSKO 41 E, 10000 Zagreb

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