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Contact info

JANKOMIR 25, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Jankomir

Telephone: 01 / 3496473, 01 / 3874718

Tel/Fax: 01 / 3496039


Other info

Foundation year: 1990

OIB: 03350225099

Employees: 44

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00



About us

Signumšped has been operating successfully since 1990. of the year, when it was founded, to the present day. Signumšped currently counts 44 employees, and constant progress is by working as one of the one of the main domestic international – otpremnih company. The Mission of the company is to provide the best possible services of the Organization and implementation of the most perplexing logistics challenges that consist of specialized jobs of the international freight forwarder, computer control, and the Organization of logistics activities. Edit, or Signumšpeda branch are located in Zagreb, Karlovac and krapina, while the partner companies Overseas Express. The specific services of this company are: Organization of transportation, integrated logistics and customs mediation. In the company are extremely proud of the membership in Fiata (International Association of logistics companies), and on the recognition of a Gazelle, which refers to the successful growth of the company.


Customs mediation | international and domestic transport | INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING | International shipping, freight forwarding, organisation of transport | LOGISTICS SERVICES
Container transport | maritime freight transport | MARITIME TRANSPORT | RAIL TRANSPORT | road transport of cargo | the transport of materials and supplies | TRANSFERS, TRANSPORTS | transportation of goods and cargo
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