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Contact info

JOSIPA LONČARA 3, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Jankomir

Telephone: 01 / 2339588

Cell phone: 098 / 9004213

Fax: 01 / 2339008


Other info

Foundation year: 1998

OIB: 69475899735

Employees: 4

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 8:30 - 16:30



About us

One of the strongest international manufacturers animal feed Alltech, and Croatia's branch, opened in 1998. of the year. This company always strives to provide assistance to clients by providing them with the results of the latest research, as well as proposing them the solutions to problems that are in the farm world of everyday life. Alltecha products are the Alltech Crop Science (the newest Department of the company that offers natural products, but also the solutions), Was – Moss (a product that is a derivative of cell wall selected strain of yeast, which improves the performance of the animals), Bioplex (organic mikrominerali), NUPRO (protein for better development of young animals), Optigen (neproteinskog source of nitrogen for nepreživače), the Program of protection against mycotoxins (global program that reduces the risks from mycotoxin), Sel-Plex (organic selenium yeast produced in natural form) , Synergen (a byproduct of the fermentation of the fungus, which offers the possibility of flexibility in the drafting of feed mixture), and Yes – Sacc (Alive culture of the special type of yeast that increases the performance of the animals).


Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 2
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 3
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 4
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 5
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 6
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 7
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 8
Alltech hrvatska d.o.o. 9


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