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BATIS d.o.o.

Contact info

ORANICE 112, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Malešnica

Telephone: 01 / 3815074, 01 / 3884563, 01 / 3817402

Tel/Fax: 01 / 3816498


Other info

OIB: 34654711679

Employees: 18

Responsible person: Boris Šaka


ZAGORSKA 15, 10000 Zagreb

Telephone: 01 / 3645483

Tel/Fax: 01 / 3645484


PUT MURVICE 21, 23000 Zadar

Telephone: 023 / 317549


Trade and services, Catering equipment

About us

Batis operates through retail and wholesale parts for household appliances, such as the ice machine, refrigeration showcases and bars, Chamber of Commerce, coffee machines, ice machine, all kinds of specijelnih industrial heater, sale, and installation of air conditioners and gas installations, as well as parts for washing machine and dishwasher.

A large selection of parts of all types and purposes will respond to all the requests of the customers, and are proof that, for example, the motors to skewer who are also on offer. The company produces rubber pipes are intended for propane, Butan, which are due to their quality, achieved a very respectable market status.

Batisa branch are located in Zagreb and Zadar.


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