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EL-PR-ING d.o.o.

Contact info

I PETRUŠEVEC 4.ODVOJAK 2, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Peščenica

Telephone: 01 / 2408727

Cell phone: 099 / 8170038

Other info

OIB: 21007266306

Employees: 2

Responsible person: Franjo Kičić


Special machines, Tools - manufacture, sale

About us

Company EL-PR-ING Ltd., located in Zagreb, for many years, offering high-quality repair and maintenance of machine and printing machines, and machine process industry. Company EL-PR-ing their will to a wealth of experience, care for smooth operation and long life of the machine park for its clients. The offer cus- firms EL-PR-ING doo includes: service machine tools, printing service, repair of machines process industry, defectafion and repair faults on machines, continuous or periodic maintenance of machines, the implementation of process automation and modernization of production, repair of older machines and other services related to the repair and maintenance in graphic , the process and the tool industry.


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