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Contact info

BEDRICHA SMETANE 10, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Prečko

Telephone: 01 / 3886677

Tel/Fax: 01 / 3880247


Other info

Foundation year: 1991

OIB: 27909770322

Employees: 5


Lighting - production, trade, Electric materials, parts, tools and equipment, Tools - manufacture, sale, Electronics - service, sales, Wiring - works, equipment, Video surveillance, alarm systems - manufacturing, installation, rental

About us

The initial activity of the company DALJINSKO UPRAVLJANJE d.o.o., founded in 1991, was the development and installation of the electrical system on the remote control.Since 1994, the general agent and distributor of Steinel, a leading manufacturer of motion sensors, sensor lights and blowers for hot air.Today, the companyDALJINSKO UPRAVLJANJE d.o.o deals only with the distribution and wholesale of wiring devices and lighting (STEINEL, NOVUS, CIMCO, KAISER, Tecor, DINUY).


Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 2
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 3
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 4
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 5
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 6
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 7
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 8
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 9
Daljinsko upravljanje d.o.o. 10


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