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TEXEL d.o.o.

Contact info


Area: Ravnice

Telephone: 01 / 2347074, 01 / 2347790

Fax: 01 / 2347075


Other info

Foundation year: 1990

OIB: 42374423278

Employees: 19

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00


Accounting services, tax consulting, Revision, Business consulting

About us

Texel is a Zagreb-based company that for more than twenty years working in the fields of accounting , promotion of economic processes and as an advisor to companies in order to better business decisions . In detail, the sectors of services offered by this reputable company as legal services , accounting forensics , tax consulting , business consulting , meas it ISO standards , accounting forensics and business for sale - services relating to the selling company or the project , which includes an assessment of the value of society . Companies that use the services of Texel - are respected Pfizer , Carlsberg Croatia , Bauerfeind , King ICT , Croatian Ministry of Defence , Adria , Adriadrvo and many others .


Texel d.o.o. 2
Texel d.o.o. 3
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