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Contact info

SAVICA-ŠANCI 153, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Savica

Telephone: 01 / 2409106, 01 / 2409322

Fax: 01 / 2409137


Other info

Foundation year: 1999

Employees: 9

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00


graphic services, Publishing books, magazines, newspapers

About us

Family company SITOTISAK UHLE started operating in 1970 as one of the first companies for screen printing in Croatia. The company today except silk-screen and tampon printing addresses and computer engraving, and as part of the printer, there is a locksmith workshop for the preparation and processing of printed metal, and a separate department prepress and design. SITOTISAK UHLE engaged in printing on promotional items such as pens, lighters, key chains, umbrellas, bags, notebooks, and printing on shirts, hats, jackets, working clothes, towels, aprons, blankets. The industrial program of the company consists of the label and metal plates for industry and services offered by the screen printing and engraving metal plate (stainless steel, aluminum, brass), making inventory tiles, pattern making, production of PVC labels, making the front panel, and the development of markup panel .


Sitotisak uhle 2
Sitotisak uhle 3
Sitotisak uhle 4
Sitotisak uhle 5
Sitotisak uhle 6
Sitotisak uhle 7
Sitotisak uhle 8
Sitotisak uhle 9
Sitotisak uhle 10
Sitotisak uhle 11
Sitotisak uhle 12
Sitotisak uhle 13


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