H.O.L.S. d.o.o.

Company H.O.L.S. d.o.o. from Zagreb, Šestine deals with Real estate
Rental and sale of real estate
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10000 Zagreb
Area: Šestine
Cell phone: 098 / 874469
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Foundation year: 1996
OIB: 23971298808
Employees: 1

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Agencija KUPOLA is the owner of licenses for mediation in real estate business, and operates in the framework of the Adriatic in the group that has the largest database of real estate in Istria. Agencija KUPOLA has many years of experience in real estate transactions, and offers a complete service for the buyer and seller of real estate, from the first contact, sightseeing, tips, checking of the condition of the property to the registration of the new owner in zemljišnjim books.
Products/services: REAL ESTATE AGENCY


CARERA 98/1, 52210 Rovinj (Rovigno)

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