S.A.N. d.o.o.

S.A.N. d.o.o. from Zagreb, Sigečica, deals with the creation of the battens of natural wood, oak, beech and ash trees
Wood and wood products, Parquet, External and internal trade
Contact info
10000 Zagreb
Area: Sigečica
Telephone: 01 / 6182127
Working hours
Other info
Foundation year: 1990
OIB: 43968353139
Employees: 5

Working hours

Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00
Sub : 8:00 - 13:00

About us

S.A.N. d.o.o.. operates in the areas of the parquet strips of natural wood - oak, beech and ash . Processing takes place on modern machines , and offer the products , at reasonable prices - wide . Wood molding was dried in air , and after many years in circulation to keep a stable structure and form . In the retail range are moldings and oak sleepers from their own production in Velika Gorica , and more types of flooring ( lamination, varnished and classic ) . Wholesale offers the same range as retail , but with volume discounts . S.a.n. d.o.o. slats natural wood house attach to ecological awareness and style - because that wood never goes out of trend .
Products/services: FINISHED PARQUET , Glues and varnishes for parquet , MOSAIC PARQUET , PANEL PARQUET , PARQUET BARS (BATTEN) , parquet slats , Parquets , WHITE batten , white lacquered wooden battens

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