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Contact info

ANTUNA ŠOLJANA 24, 10000 Zagreb

Area: Špansko

Telephone: 01 / 3890258

Fax: 01 / 3890259


Other info

Foundation year: 2012

OIB: 95320054867

Employees: 6

Working hours: Pon - Pet : 9:00 - 17:00


Dental Medicine

About us

Primus dental in offer offers free previews and readout of x-ray images, a guarantee on all the prosthetic work and the equipment and materials are top quality. With own lab Dental lab, which is located in the western part of Zagreb, all dental services are in one place. Some of the services we offer are the repair and treatment of teeth, white fillings, Pediatric Dentistry, Prosthodontics, dental implants, teeth whitening, splints, dental jewelry, cleaning and polishing of the teeth. Primus dental uvažuje wishes of patients, but only if they are in accordance with the rules of the profession.


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